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Birmingham Retaining Wall Experts

The retaining wall construction and replacement experts at Wall Pros provide free estimates on engineered retaining walls throughout Greater Birmingham and the entire state of Alabama. Whether you need a poured concrete, modular block or cinder block masonry retaining wall, you can rest assured that Wall Pros is a reputable retaining wall installation and replacement contractor. As an insured and authorized retaining wall builder, Wall Pros also provides full engineering designs, site plans and building permit compliance and approval for both residential and commercial retaining wall projects.

measuring engineered retaining wall

Retaining Wall Contractor

Wall Pros is a true professional retaining wall contractor, which is to say that their business is related strictly to the process of building or replacing retaining walls. Retaining walls are geotechnical reinforcement structures, typically on a slope, used to increase the load bearing capacity while preventing the collapse or erosion of another structure, such as a foundation or driveway or roadway.

mountain brook retaining wall

Retaining Walls Prevent Soil Erosion

A properly built retaining wall prevents soil erosion while creating an even surface for functional areas including driveways, playgrounds, swimming pools, patios and other outdoor features. Wall Pros creates site plans with drainage solutions on up-to-date topographical surveys. Without correct prevention, soil erosion leads to compromised foundations, cracked or washed out driveways and other structural property damage, plus consequential losses to the value of the property.

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modular block wall

With either the removal or addition of sufficient truckloads of dirt, along with grading work and a retaining wall, we will create a nice flat area in order to increase your usable space.

poured concrete retaining walls

Commercial Retaining Walls

The Wall Pros concrete retaining wall crews routinely replace failed retention walls as well as large scale industrial and commercial retaining walls that require unusually augmented strength. In such cases poured concrete retaining walls with a reinforced helical pier footing are built and certified.

masonry retaining wall with steps
concrete masonry retaining wall

Retaining Wall with Stairs

From attractive stairway designs to simple stone tread steps, there are many configurations of stairs which can be incorporated into your retaining wall project.

Rotten Cross Tie Retaining Wall Replacement

We replace old, collapsed and rotten crosstie retaining walls with new retaining walls using poured concrete, cinder block or segmental block. Cinder block and poured concrete retaining walls can be wrapped in stucco, brick or stone to best accent your home and outdoor décor.

Driveways with Retaining Walls

Very few retaining wall contractors pour and finish concrete driveways, which forces customers with driveways supported by a retaining wall to hire separate contractors which can have disastrous results. Wall Pros provides concrete driveway replacement at a discount for customers who seek the best retaining wall and driveway replacement contractors.

retaining wall new driveway brick apron
driveway over retaining wall

Retaining Wall Engineering Plans

An engineering plan is imperative when constructing new retaining walls over two feet in height or replacing existing retaining walls over three feet tall. Retaining wall engineering plans protect the property owner against damage caused by an imprecisely built retaining wall which fails. Without the required site inspection stamps and certification, the property owner has no legal recourse if the retaining wall collapses regardless of the amount of loss. It remains the property owner’s responsibility to verify the retaining wall company is building the retaining wall per local code and regulation with site inspection approval stamps and retaining wall certification by the engineer.

retaining wall replacement

Retaining Wall Compliance

Each municipality has unique regulations for building new commercial and residential retaining walls as well as retaining wall replacement. Whether your retaining wall project is within the city of Birmingham, Mountain Brook, Homewood, Hoover, Vestavia or Vestavia Hills, a retaining wall permit is required for most retaining walls over a few feet in height. Avoid disasters by verifying all city or county retaining wall plans are compliant with the corresponding building codes. Retaining wall building codes are mandated for the protection of the consumer, so make certain that your retaining wall contractor is conducting the required site visits for inspections by the city, county and engineer underwriting your retaining wall.

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