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We Build Retaining Walls in Birmingham

Greater Birmingham is almost as well-known for its steep hills as it is for its many retaining walls. A retaining wall will provide the structure required to create a flat surface upon which to live, travel, transport goods and work.

At Wall Pros, we offer free estimates on all types of residential and commercial retaining walls. For more sophisticated projects, we employ a full time structural engineer and a landscape architect. All of our retaining walls are built to code and we secure all necessary permitting.

A retaining wall can stop soil erosion while creating an even surface for functional areas including driveways, playgrounds, patios and other outdoor features.

retaining wall builder
retaining wall builders

Retaining Walls Stop Soil Erosion

Retaining walls stop soil erosion by leveling your property. Even the most severe soil erosion can be eliminated with the installation of an engineered retaining wall with an adequate drainage system.

Retaining Walls Increase Usable Space

No matter how steeply sloped or unusable your property may seem, a retaining wall can add structure and greatly increase your functional area. This will enable you to add a paver patio, outdoor fireplace, a children’s play area or even a swimming pool!

With either the removal or addition of sufficient truckloads of dirt, along with grading work and a retaining wall, we will create a nice flat area in order to increase your usable space.

retaining wall company
retaining wall companies

Retaining Wall with Stairs

From attractive stairway designs to simple stone tread steps, there are many configurations of stairs which can be incorporated into your retaining wall project.

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Rotten Cross Tie Retaining Wall Replacement

We can replace your rotten cross tie retaining wall with new landscape timber or segmental retaining wall block.

A concrete masonry unit wall, also called hollow block, concrete block or cinder block which we fortify and then add brick or stone masonry is also a great solution for replacing an old wall as it accents your home or outdoor décor.

block retaining walls
block retaining wall
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